Pet Store Policies

Welcome to PawzCo.! We are committed to providing high-quality pet services, including retail of pet supplies and food, pet grooming, and pet boarding. Please read our policies carefully to ensure a pleasant experience for you and your pets at our store.

1. Retail of Pet Supplies and Food:

a. We offer a diverse range of pet supplies and food, ensuring the health and happiness of your pets.

b. When purchasing pet supplies, please pay attention to product descriptions and recommended usage.

2. Pet Grooming Services:

a. Our pet grooming services are designed to provide a professional, safe, and comfortable grooming experience for your pets.

b. Before scheduling a pet grooming service, please provide your pet's health records and inform us of any special needs or conditions.

3. Pet Boarding Services:

a. Our pet boarding services provide a safe and comfortable environment for your pets during their stay.

b. During the boarding period, we ensure that pets receive proper nutrition, exercise, and care.

4. Appointment and Cancellation Policy:

a. To provide the best service, please schedule appointments for pet grooming and boarding in advance.

b. If there is a need to cancel an appointment, please notify us in advance. For grooming services, please cancel at least 12 hours before the scheduled appointment. For boarding services, please cancel at least 48 hours in advance to allow us to accommodate other customers.

5. Return and Refund Policy:

a. Purchased pet supplies can be returned in their original packaging and condition, with a valid receipt.

b. Fees for pet grooming and boarding services are non-refundable once the service is completed.

6. Pet Health and Responsibility:

a. Please ensure that your pets are on a leash while inside the store and maintain control.

b. All pets must have up-to-date vaccinations and health certificates.

7. Customer Privacy:

a. We are committed to protecting the privacy and security of customer information.

b. We do not share customer information with third parties unless explicit consent is given.

Please adhere to these policies to ensure a delightful time for you and your pets at our store. If you have any questions or need further clarification, feel free to contact our staff.

Thank you for choosing PawzCo. We look forward to providing excellent service for you and your pets!